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09-21-2012, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I understand that argument diogene0, but my thought is that until the Foundry is at least bringing in some money, they won't dedicate the time to put in all the thousands of things we ask for. And I'd only say its acceptable if they charge for added frills, not for the meat and potatoes if you will.
Well if the only motive to publish new game elements is immediate profit I think PWE should sell cryptic now before the company brankrupts. But I'm confident they know that a game isn't only about c-store ships, fed c-store costumes, lockbox stuff. Players need something to do with that, and the Foundry is all what the studios management like: every single element they add means it will be used to create thousands of hours of gameplay. Which means damn cheap content for them, and we know how much they love that.

If they are unable to invest in their own game there's no point developping it anymore because it's already dying. So, believe me, they can provide foundry content without a cost for authors. Selling that would be pure greed and will for sure create a lot of discontentement in the author's community.