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Originally Posted by havam View Post
RSE fans have been here for as long as KDF fans have. We have spend money just like KDf fans, and we have heard the same promises just as KDf fans. Stop prettending we are some ungrateful brats, who just jumped on for F2P.
Who ever said you are ungrateful brats?
The biggest point made by many in the forums for the creation of a RSE faction has been the latest Poll that shows the idea of RSE content firmly in the lead. That such a creation will bring money to Cryptic and STO if implemented.
That poll lead is the one of the reasons (imo) that Cryptic is entertaining the idea of starting the process of building a RSE, for the potential revenue such will bring as a new something new in STO.
Once again we KDF may be overlooked for the quick cash-out that something else offers.

Just like the feds defensive cry of, " We spend the most money. We deserve the most attention" the RSE fans saying, " Look Look, we are the popular choice. We will spend money." is a wallet waving attempt to get the attention of the Devs.

But the above has only a little to do with my post to someone elses statement that if they create an RSE faction the KDF will be in uproar for being percieved as overlooked again.

I never said the RSE where brats for wallet waving, I did not even imply it.
Only that we KDf have a right to be offended by it since we too have been begging for good reasons to spend money on STO for a long time but get excuses and reasons why its not possible "at the this time" for our effort.

So yeah it is upsetting and insulting to be waving our wallets for so long and even opening it to spend the money in support and have such be overlooked again becuase the bright and shinny new thingy will make a fast buck just to be most likely forgotten in the future for the next shinny thing that is sales pitched to us as STO players.

Fact is thats where most of our angst comes from, the fear of being once again overlooked and fed poor excuses on why while the rest of teh game continues to grow without us.
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