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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Once again we KDF may be overlooked for the quick cash-out that something else offers.
Am i really the only one on these forums that thinks designing the RSE and thinking about ways to implement it, is pretty much the best thing that can happen to the KDF??

A new faction means new PvP queues, a rebalance of cross faction content vs faction content.
Possibly new PvE mission with working cloak, an extension of the STO's story from a non FED viewpoint.

As I suggested in the other thread, maybe even more ship and console sales for KDF. New FED and KDF pve content, if we use the upcoming renown feature or other SB related stuff to aid the RSE (it is going to be on a romulan colony after all).

A rethinking of fleet partnerships. If they are willing to retouch some dialogs to make them more RSE appropriate, I really can't phantom how adding a third more KDF appropriate tree would take much time.

The full faction is dead, by thinking about a cash cow named RSE, that needs to find a new way of integration, the KDF can benefit.

Just call me CrAzY, but the argument that RSE fans should support the KDF, if they want to ever have a faction done right, cuts both ways.
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