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09-21-2012, 09:13 AM
The Klingons have always been my favorite Sci-Fi "bad" guys. Followed by the Roms, then the Empire from SW.
My favorite Star Trek novels have always been the Klingon ones. ( "A Burning House" by Keith Decandido is one of the best IMO)
I might PO some of my fellow Klingons here, but Honestly, If the Roms make it into the game, I'll be playing them also. I only PVP, (at least in this game, where the PVE is stupid easy), so for myself at least, story-line is not as important as the PEW. Would I like a fully immersive KDF experience? Of course I would. Just as I'd like an immersive & complete Rom experience.
But with the completely stupid AI in this game I'd never enjoy it again. PVE here is like Tic Tac Toe. Except easier. Once you understand the mechanics, it sucks. And when it comes down2it, I'll be spending my $ on Romulan ships, not the Romulan story.
UNLESS they make the UI so horrid (like the blue fed one) that I just hate it. In which case i'll ignore My Rom just like i do my poor fed toons.

I play Cylons in BGO, & Klingons here. Playing the popular faction has always kinda turned me off.
I guess I'm just a rebel W/O a clue.
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