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Originally Posted by alexvecci View Post
i'm a varanus captain aswell, so i know the deal

but, thing which i'm wondering, have YOU tried to reach the team mates and keep dropping platforms near them? SUre, it's a sligth waste of cooldowns, but still helps, especially if you got hull repair skill at full (my drones, one each, repair up to 392 per sec, which if they focus on a single ship ALL the team's drones means that the person gets, assuming ALL drone are working, 2x5x392 = 3920 potential hull repair per sec)

It has been my experience as both a VoQuv carrier that tanks and that uses shield drones that the most critical component in the ship's defense is the shields not the hull. Using the shield drones on myself I constantly have to keep launching them, 1 wing spaced out every 15 seconds from the other, because the AOE strikes wipe out half my drones every 5 or seconds.

I have had varanus team members put their hull healing drones on me.. they were nice to heal the bleedthrough damage but were dead in seconds and replacements hardly came. I cannot imagine how placing a platform or launching them directly from your ship (a-la odyssey worker bees) with just one hangar can allow you to maintain at least a small amount of them healing you all the time.

The damage they would heal is also non-critical. Case in point is any tank must be a shield tank. Borg elite and player damage output is so ridiculously high that once the shield is out you're doomed. Healing 4k per second does not match the borg elite ability to put 30k damage on your hull in one hit nor a player's ability to put nearly 50k in a volley.

Unlike shields that can be healed per facing all at once and distributed, the hull is just 'one' big hitpoint pool.

Quite frankly, I would prefer if they replaced the Varanus hull healing drones with shield resistance enhancing drones. Now that would make an incredible difference and gives the ship a true niche.