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If so, how was it fitted? The end of the mission, to disable the Romulan ship, feels like an unplay tested spawn and repeat mess to me in my escort. Maybe it is because I'm set to be nimble, and lay mines. But I doubt it. Who ever the end scenario designer is needs to learn the expression less is more. I don't want to fight their epic fitted Romulan ship. Being instant shield stripped, tractor beam held, systems froze, and one shoted with epic torpedos from the Dev only toy box sucks. Especially when you respawn within the ships range to do it to you all over again. If I wanna fight a fleet engagement, I know where the PvE queue is, or having a warning in the mission text to bring a fleet would maybe help. Or maybe just scrap that whole end segment as it adds nothing to the mission story wise, after the whole grind of space battles at the missions beginning.