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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
I find it hilarious that engineers are upset about fixing an exploit being, they are now calling a nerf.

Engs need to role a tac on the ground and see how they like it.
I have both tactical and engineer ground VA that play only on elites. Both have their ground skill sets maxed for their role.

I can tell you, right now, the tac captain can buff himself up with one kit, switch to another and deliver an ungodly high damage attack.

Its how you can toss a ~1k damage photon grenade. Think on that for a moment. Thats more damage than 3 engineer mortars + 3 engineer turrets put together. All because kits can be swapped.

All but 2 kits are garbage, one of those two is pretty superior to the other. One kit stays in circulation soley for the cloak ability.
Just because you don't know how or when to use them doesn't mean they are garbage. Each tac kit has a fully fleshed out 'role' when you wear them. Unlike engineer kits which are left needing the ability of another engineer kit to make stuff work properly.

Our buffs are so short you can't possibly hope to switch kits to abuse the powers.
It can and is easily done. The 'abuse' as you mention it is even higher than the engineer. I'd suggest you try it and see for yourself how ridiculously powerful of a first strike the tac capt can do with the kit swapping buffs.

Science can buff themselves up with the hypo-kit and then with the healing kit and finally switch to their damage kit and go at it..the buffs dont wear off.

Engineer on the other hand... was putting down healing and shield generators, STATIC ones..for the TEAM. And engineer gets nerfed because of it? Thats some messed up logic.

Nerf science and tac team kits so that their buffs wear off when kit is changed. Fair is fair right?

Our security guards, recently buffed, still don't survive more than 5s, every player has better guards available through the shards of possibilities than we do.
The issue is the tac captains I commonly see dont use their brains when using the security teams.

Oh look. the next room is full of borg. *calls security team*

...redshirts rush to next room and die in 5s. Accomplish nothing.

and they keep doing this crap nonstop and then whine and complain about their redshirts.

Then come the few tac players that understand how to use the redshirts...and call them only when the borg are about to swarm them @ melee range. Bewm. instant reinforcements, chaos and tons of damage delivered by redshirts via flanking damage. The borg no longer all target one team-member or two... but the redshirts. With the borg targeting redshirts AND turning and exposing their flank and rear to the players, the players end up delivering boosted damage and taking tons less damage. Most surprisingly, the redshirts tend to survive that encounter.

THAT is what security team is for.