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I absolutely agree with you.
Starfleet always was a "peacekeeping" institutuion, dedicated to science and exploration.

I think militarsim becomes "cool" when people get fearful.
(what those people would never admit of course )
That may be a possible explanation, but I don't want to step on anyones toes

Wow, i didn't know that.
But i don't think that this "Generations" uniform looks anywhere as militaristic as the WOK or Cryptics uniforms (especially the jupiter ones).

On the other hand i never liked those pyjama like uniforms they wore in Voy or DS9. I think they looked a bit too much like leisure suits and people didn't look antything like an authority when wearing them.
The generations uniform is the perfect mix between those extremeties IMO.

Live long and prosper.
It's true, some statements are quoted on Memory Alpha and came with the bonus material on a special DVD edition of the movies. Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) even wrote about that in her book; ""Portraying Starfleet as a military organization flew in the face of everything Star Trek stood for [....] At one point I forcefully but tactfully reminded Meyer and (Harve Bennet) that Starfleet was the philosophical descendant of NASA, not the Air Force."

I know what you mean regarding the DS9 jumpsuits. I always thought about those are functional duty wear while there should be a formal version for representation duties. For example, take a look at Canada's famous mounted police. Their duty uniforms don't differ from your "average" policemen but the bright red one is their representation outfit. I could imagine the "Generations" design as something like this
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