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09-21-2012, 10:12 AM
still a long way to go on the learning curve for you. but here is how it is done.

first, use dual cannons front and turrets in your back. maybe mix in a torpedo launcher in front. (actually green and blue quality is cheap to get from the exchange at nearly every level)

now, you need attack pattern omega (to evade tractor beams) and 2 times tactical team 1 to quickly get your facing shileds up again. fill the rest of your tac boff slots with cannon scatter volley and/or torpedo spread (should take care of incoming plasma torpedos)

your engi boff should have emergency power to shields 1, and if possible also a reverse shield polarity 1 (to keep your shields up at all times)
those torpedos do nothing against shielded targets

your sci boff should have a hazard emitter (to clean plasma dot and heal your hull) and/or a transfer shield strength (to keep your shields up)

this is a proven setup for escorts even for max level.

be sure to have the skillpoints allways invested in your greatly reduces their cooldowns.
be sure to play it on normal difficulty.
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