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09-21-2012, 11:11 AM
It's not about being setup a specific way. It's about understanding that if you want to use a tactical ship it needs to be set up in a tactical way. You can't use an Escort like a Cruiser. If you want to play like a Cruiser then just take a Cruiser. There are different types of ships specifically for different play styles.

Escorts are all DPS: hit hard and fast and get away. Cruisers are all about outlasting your foe: you fly in circles around them pew-pewing them down while keeping yourself from getting destroyed.

If you want to use an Escort like a Cruiser you're going to be disappointed - which you clearly are. Likewise a Cruiser isn't a DPS monster - and you'll be disappointed if you think it can put out the type of damage an Escort can.

And this isn't an uncommon idea in MMOs: Damage, Tank, Healer. The Trinity has been around a long time.