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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post

While you might be 20% of the player-base you're probably not even 3% of the financial base. I seriously doubt KDF players are buying Fed C-Store items each week that they can't use on their KDF just to be financially supportive.

At this stage of the game the only financial contribution you're making is probably via Lockbox Keys or buying Zen to sell for Dilithium for Fleetbases. You're certainly not buying C-Store items. Cryptic probably wouldn't even notice you're gone - assuming your impassioned speech could inspire more then a few dozen to leave.

It grows tiring constantly watching the KDF play the minority card: we don't have as much so we deserve more. The simple truth is we all deserve more, whether we're the 20% or the 80%. Just once I'd like Cryptic to say: "Hey Fed players! Here's a new Mission just for you for buying all the C-Store crap over the last 2.5 years!" I'd probably die from a heart attack if they did that.
Holy cow!! That is quite a drubbing from one of the posters that I consider to be the least biased and level headed on the board. Cosmic has put me in my place once or twice but you are really going down hard core, which is usually not your way - bad hair day? Not that I have been able to argue very well against your points in the past.

But in fairness to the KDF side(which I don't usually take) I don't think that the Fed side has been promised something over and over and over - only to be slapped back down a few months(or DAYS) later. So I can understand their frustrated more than some other players.

Frankly the only time I have ever seen a business treats a customer this way and not keep throwing them a bone every now and again to string them along - is when they have decided that the customer is not economically viable but are to slimmy to get rid of them all at once - just hoping that over time the customer will just get fed up and leave. I mean if they can't even dedicate the time to put out a costume or 2 that says volumes about how much they really want the KDF player to be there. (sorry I don't consider that grossly overpriced space suit you use a couple times to count)

Again just a Hunch.

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