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Originally Posted by razellis View Post
Here, here. I've found that I enjoy STF pugs more when I don't expect a good team and then get pleasantly surprised on occasion. As for fraction making a difference...not really. Some of the biggest jerks I've ever met in this game are dedicated klignon players. I've seen Fed's that were just as bad if not worse but you can find worthless people in both fractions without half trying.

PVP AFKers are the least offensive of them in my eyes, we're more likely to lose because of them but at least they don't blow up the chat screaming for "healz" or cussing out rainbow boats. We all know just how much that kind of behavior encourages players to come back. this was a Necro'd thread.
yes this thread has been necro'd, please in the future try not to reply to posts older than 30+ days, if you need to discuss the same topic please start a new thread.
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