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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post

So let me ask you this: there are 21 KDF ships in the C-Store. How many do you own? If you can't say at least 11 it doesn't seem like you're putting much effort into helping your cause. And yes, the cause is financial. If you want to change things you need to do so by having a financial impact not by just preaching fire and brimstone from your pulpit every day.

While you might be 20% of the player-base you're probably not even 3% of the financial base. I seriously doubt KDF players are buying Fed C-Store items each week that they can't use on their KDF just to be financially supportive.

At this stage of the game the only financial contribution you're making is probably via Lockbox Keys or buying Zen to sell for Dilithium for Fleetbases. You're certainly not buying C-Store items. Cryptic probably wouldn't even notice you're gone - assuming your impassioned speech could inspire more then a few dozen to leave.
I have bought EVERY SINGLE Klingon C-store ship. I have bought a fleet ship, & will buy 2 more when my fleets starbase is a high enough tier. I have not spent a single dollar on any of my fed toons since i bought my Gal-X, over 2 years ago. I have spent $80 in the last month on zen buying Doffs & Dil to outfit my new ships. I have paid for a subscription since 3 days after the game was released, I haven't played my fed toons since season 2.Saying Klingon players don't spend $ shows your ignorance/bias whatever you want to call it.
Time played in game. as of 9/12/12 (on my mains) Total 2907 hours.K'zoontite has been on active duty for 34 days, 3 hours, Bot Fly has been on active duty for 55 days, 4 hours, Poppa Capp has been on active duty for 4 days, 12 hours, B'zooka has been on active duty for 12 days, 22 hours,Tater(fed) has been on active duty for 14 days, 10 hours,

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