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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I think it would be more effective to allow us to pay in order to place actual rewards in our mission. Like it would cost a certain number of c-points in order for us to place a specific item at the end of our missions, or alternatively a level appropriate random item.

Unfortunately, before they do that they need a way to judge how long it took to play a mission, so we don't end up with a bunch of console clickers spitting out loot.

I guess from that standpoint the vendor may make sense, since it's not as easily abused. But really, it wouldn't take more than 5 minutes for "Joe Blows Market" to appear on the Foundry, which would effectively be a "console clicker' that consists of nothing but that vendor. So, realistically, it wouldn't end up bringing anyone to our missions.

I think it would be cool if we could add vendors regardless, though, even if only standard types with nothing special on them.
That's kind of what I was going for with the idea of Foundry exclusive vendors.

My thing is, more people play than author, I assume.

So if they charged authors for the rewards, they'd need authors to drop upwards of a hundred dollars for something like a costume or bridge officer. Because the economic opportunity cost of letting an author give the reward is that Cryptic can't sell the item. (Maybe this would work for less if they took things that already exist on the C-Store that were bad sellers and let Foundry authors get the right to hand them out.) The only way I could see to offset this would be by having authors agree that in exchange for certain rewards, they'll put C-Store ads in their mission completion dialogue or something like that because that would potentially offset the lost revenues. Or it could be indirect, like collecting player testimonials for C-Store items and then, if they use your testimonial, you get a reward from a list, including a Foundry reward option.

My thought was that by making it a vendor, they could charge dilithium and dilithium IS effectively money. (Depending on how they do their books but there are ways to treat all dilithium as cash, internally.) So part of the expense of the reward gets covered by each player and part gets covered by the author as a cheap one time fee to raise the profile of their mission.