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09-21-2012, 01:17 PM
Betweeen the three toons I play the most I own everything that is klingon that has been sold via the Cstore, most in multiples. I have spent money buying Cstore respecs, Zen buy the bucket load to get DL from and offered my monetary support in every way that has been afforded to me from the game.
There are not that damned many ways to spend money on a KDF toon and I will not buy 5 Enviro suits per toon just to be able to say, " Look at me Cryptic, I'm spending money."

Blaiming each individual KDF player for not spending 5 times as much on STO to match what a single Fed player may spend and saying thats why Cryptic puts no resources to build up the KDF is stupid.

15%, 18% or 20% of the playerbase can not be expected to spend like the majority to prove that we are a viable revenue stream for STO. We should be considered a viable revenue stream becuase we chose to play STO and spend our money regardless.
While any profit made via the KDF may never hold a candle to the feds, every dollar made through us is still a dollar more Cryptic has to put in the bank than they had before I gave it to them.
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