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09-21-2012, 01:26 PM
I make it no secret that I believe any kind of monetization (beyond what technically is already in place for F2Pers in getting DL to open up slots) is bad for the Foundry. I believe the only way to encourage growth in the community, other than what is already in the pipeline (mission rewards, I'm looking at you and swooning) is to keep the costs on creating down. Any kind of charge for any specific sets of assets or abilities in foundry construction would be a waste. A waste for us and a waste for Cryptic who'd probably make very little money off it. Lets face it, the foundry author community isn't large, not to mention large enough to turn a profit from sales that are exclusively for us.

I seem to be reading a trend in the posts that pop up like this. The thought is that if they made more money off of a feature, then they'd put more effort into it to make more. The logic is sound, I won't deny that. However, logic doesn't work in all situations, rational does.

We're forgetting that cryptic isn't huge. I don't know it's numbers, I won't pretend I do. But from what I know it is a small studio with personnel working to build, run, and maintain 3 separate games. Only a certain amount of them are working on STO, and only 5 or so are working on Foundry; primarily for NW.

The world we live in doesn't have replicators yet, so for now, people can't work to better themselves or their artforms/work for no pay. They need money for things like food, relationships, and vidja games like the rest of us. To get more people working on the Foundry via the Foundry making money it would have to make enough to justify the salaries of anyone put on the job to make more stuff/do more work. I'm not going to guess a salary, but it's probably little better than inter... err... slave labor.

If a monetized foundry was going to make enough money to hire a person, it would have to come from us. Or worse, players (who already don't have a reason other than personal interest) to pay for access beyond normal game fees.

I'll be blunt, we can't do that.

In fact, if they put out those things, we'd loose numbers and would get hurt more.

The best way the foundry can encourage more money to the game is as another thing for players to do, another reason for players to spend time in the game where they are exposed to more C-store objects, lock box keys, and anything else the F2P game can encourage them to spend money on if they'd like.

What's happening is I bet people are feeling starved enough for new assets and features in the Foundry that some are trying to say that they'd be willing to put up money just in order to get them. I don't think that's going to work.

I wish I could give an alternative other than simply waiting, which many authors are already vocal about being tired of doing, but I can't. Only thing we can, and should do, is play the game. If we have fun making the missions and playing them, that's what we do. If we've reached a point where it is unfun, we stop. That's what it comes to.