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So is it worth having now?

And whilst the poster above comes to the same conclusion, they are spouting classic misinformation regarding the mechanics of weapons power drain.

During the firing cycle, whilst your Weapon Energy is not at the maximum amount your ship does NOT try to rebuild the power at the Power Transfer Rate. There is no "restore time" - not even a tiny sliver of it. This is because no Weapons energy has been consumed or lost - just reserved.

It used to be the case that firing weapons consumed energy, and EPS flow regulators at that point in time did raise your DPS - having high EPS meant that you could constantly regenerate the weapons power that was being consumed by your weapons. This behaviour was changed a long time ago, by having weapons not "consume" but "reserve" weapons power.

The difference between energy being reserved and consumed/lost is a notable one, because energy can only regenerate if it is consumed/lost.

In a standard weapons firing cycle (No FAW, No BO) weapons power is currently reserved at the beginning of the weapons cycle. At the end of the cycle, this reserved energy is released again. Because the reserved energy is technically "still there" (albeit temporarilly unusable) you can't regenerate it.

The developers have stated outright that EPS Flow does not affect DPS any longer. From here - "As a result of this change to the energy drain mechanic, the EPS Flow Regulator Station Mods, will no longer have an effect on DPS. They will continue to function to improve power transfer rates between different systems."

You can see this happening if you shoot multiple beam arrays, beams have a long firing cycle of several seconds which makes it very easy to see power changes: when firing, you'll notice that your weapons power level dips down and remains at a a "settled" level until the firing cycle is finished. The power doesn't rebuild during the firing cycle no matter how many EPS consoles you slot, it remains constant until the first beam finishes firing.

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