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09-21-2012, 02:06 PM
The straightforward answer to OP's question:

* CBS - They don't, according to devs, want a fleet of Galors and Jem'Hadar bugs running around in massive numbers. I can't blame them for that, really.

* Cash - They manage to make $25 off of a c-store ship. If it's an account-wide unlock that's the only cash they'll ever make from that particular player for this particular ship. Not good if your're making a ton of money off of people slavishly pouring keys into an endless stream of boxes. As such, if you can buy them for $25, that caps how much money they can make off of the ships. Lock boxes are a cash cow, and shooting it's legs out from under it is unwise. And if they were to boost it to $100 per ship in the c-store the rage would be audible from places hundreds of miles from the nearest computer.