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09-21-2012, 04:04 PM
I would also like to point out that something is wrong with the STF space missions after the last patch. Before, I was able to hold my own when doing STFs, but now I'm getting one shotted by any sphere that I engage. At first I thought I was just getting too close to the transwarp gates, but then I realized that I wasn't too close to the gates, I was getting shot by a sphere. The damage for player weapons has also been affected by this last patch. Before the last patch, the phaser cannon on my Galaxy-X was doing almost 8 to 10 thousand damage, but this morning when I ran Infected Space Elite, one hit only did about 300 to 700 damage. I have my power levels maxed out with buffs, and I'm using every debuff I can muster on my target, and I also have two blue quality Mk 11 phaser consoles to boost damage. This problem can't be me, because I haven't changed anything on my build. Please fix this, or at the very least, tell us why it was changed and how this makes these missions run better.