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09-21-2012, 03:32 PM
The problem with the off center lance is it wouldn't be a ten minute fix. That's a model error. Meaning they would have to rebuild the saucer model, retexture the skins to fit the new model, and then update all of the instances of that model in the game. Even fixing such a 'simple' issue with a model is a six or seven hour job at the least. Until the starship models themselves are updated for higher graphics cards and such, the off center lance will stay.

Which is a tragedy in itself. Unfortunately this is the same with the 'hump' on the Venture saucer. Rebuilding the model is very time and resource intense.

Mirroring the bottom of the saucer's texture patterns and rebinding the windows isn't. Anyone with access to the tools and dev rights could update the saucer window textures in fifteen minutes. That's just laziness.