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Originally Posted by batmanforever365 View Post
I thought it might've been one of the quickest ways since one can choose 20 different assignments. If possible, take the ones with the highest XP. With that, you'll probably hit Level 10 in a few days.
At that level, you don't have enough doffs to run 20 assignments. In fact, I'm pretty sure you don't even get your first set of doffs until you hit level 7 or 8. It doesn't really compare to doing missions. Your typical diplomatic doff assignment gives 50-70 CXP for a 1 hour assignment, and maybe a couple of hundred XP. Doing a story line line mission, which only takes 20 min, will give a couple of thousand XP. At the early levels, you pretty much gain 1 level for each mission you do. So doing 3 missions back to back will take you up 3 levels in 1 hour. Doffs won't nearly do it as quickly.

Now, if you are talking about leveling while being offline, well that's a different story.
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