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09-21-2012, 04:38 PM
i never said that the siphon drones are not op cuz yes they are i used them and it was so easy i got bored so i scrapped the toon until i can afford a different ship for my kdf sci. however, while the siphon drones are op so are the danubes and even more so the advanced danubes. my main is a kdf tac specced full in2 inertial dampeners ive hit PH1 and still not been able to move so i hit APO when tractored by 5 danubes and was only able to move at not even a 1/4 impulse. if thats not OP/broken i dont know what is esp when combined with the heavy escort carrier. so yea fix the danubes then the siphons or fix both at the same time it would be ridiculous to fix 1 and let the other remain as it is.