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That may be a possible explanation, but I don't want to step on anyones toes

It's true, some statements are quoted on Memory Alpha and came with the bonus material on a special DVD edition of the movies. Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) even wrote about that in her book; ""Portraying Starfleet as a military organization flew in the face of everything Star Trek stood for [....] At one point I forcefully but tactfully reminded Meyer and (Harve Bennet) that Starfleet was the philosophical descendant of NASA, not the Air Force."

I know what you mean regarding the DS9 jumpsuits. I always thought about those are functional duty wear while there should be a formal version for representation duties. For example, take a look at Canada's famous mounted police. Their duty uniforms don't differ from your "average" policemen but the bright red one is their representation outfit. I could imagine the "Generations" design as something like this
My impression was that on starships they wore more formal Uniforms in contrast to the more practical jumpsuits on DS9. I was somehow confused when i first saw Voyager personell wearing DS9 uniforms.
Maybe there was something like in STO going on, Captains maybe could choose what uniform to wear, since we saw Starship personel in DS9 (early seasons) wearing TNG uniforms.
Anyway i like those uniforms, maybe for Starship officers to be weared, you know Captain, First Officer department leaders and so on.

Btw. i find it fascinating to read that the actors are more aware of Star Trek than the producers/directors.
(I think that's something really remarkable, especially if you look at how things are nowadays.)

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If they add these to the game can they make it so I can make the collars black instead of division colored?
I hope so, but IF they introduce those uniforms i wouldn't be so sure since STOs designers tend to connect various uniform pieces to be used with the same color.
(i hope my english is understandable.)

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Which is nice for the 1960s and 1980s but is problematic in 2012 seeing as NASA seems to be mostly doing Climate Change research stuff while the Air Force seems to be designing the spaceships.
I am sure she meant it on a philosophical level.

In all those "is Starfleet military or police or Science organisation" discussions i like the idea of Starfleet being the sucessor of NASA.

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