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Could be but the VO does paint the fact as you say that the Federation is in dire straights due to it's war with the Klingons - it is the players job to turn this around so to speak by being a good captian and destroying the klingons through several of the next missions. My question was does this effect whether people end up playing KDF or not - one person says no. I think its time to end the war.
A Klingon war that was started by outside forces. Yes it's time to clean house and get rid of the Undene. They can make some missions where the player does just that. The KDF goes out and through missions finds evidence of who in the Federation is Undene. Then a Fed player's missions take it from there and cleans up. Not likely though.

But to the other point, it would be player by player if this start affects how they feel about the KDF.