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09-21-2012, 09:13 PM
Admiral Sam Davis Personal Log, supplemental:

I figured charting this nebula would be a nice escape from the daily drab paperwork of my job. True to life as it is, this assignment has been an escape. Something happened, some debris or something hit the shuttle and now I'm stuck out here. I mean, I've got life support working, the food replicator is still functioning, and I've got the mater/anti-mater chamber going, but I cant get a stable warp field to form. Top that off, my impulse engine intakes are clogged, so, until I can get into open space, I'm on thrusters.

I wanted an escape, I got it. At least two weeks till I am in open space. Plenty of time to read. You know, I thought having been assimilated by the Borg was bad. I hated voices, and crowds. They just... they bothered me, all the voices... all the noise. However, I suspect, in a few days I will sorely miss voices. I will be happy to be back on Deep Space Nine, having a drink with Shull in Quarks.

Despite my best effort, I will never be the Engineer Roger Teradid is. Despite all my work, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the intakes clear or how to get a stable warp field to form. It does bother me. I mean, I can figure out how to maneuver a Sovereign class star ship between a cube and a planet with only inches to the atmosphere. I can figure out how many torpedoes it will take to destroy the shields on a Klingon Neigh'Var class battle ship, but I cant figure out how to get moving faster than thrusters.

If Shull were here he'd likely tell me to relax and use the time wisely, to better my self. That is excellent advice, but its hard to relax when you have to limp home and report the job not done due to 'engine failure of an unknown origin'. That looks good on a report. Can't wait to see Admiral Quinns response to that. He'll have my back side tanned for sure for that. I'll be stuck behind my desk forever after this ordeal. Life's not looking so rosy today.

Log End.