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Which is nice for the 1960s and 1980s but is problematic in 2012 seeing as NASA seems to be mostly doing Climate Change research stuff while the Air Force seems to be designing the spaceships.
Well, she literally wrote "philosophical descendant". Also, in the 60s and 80s nobody knew that a few years later the US will become so terryfied by everything and everyone that they'll scrap their space program effectively for good in favour of even more humongous military fundings achieving, well, basically nothing.

Back then, I think many people had the hope that the cold war would end at some point and humanity would finally reach a state it could start to unveil the secrets of the world surrounding us. Instead, we are living in the 60s and 80s all over again, only worse since now we have robots to kill each other instead of probes venturing into deep space
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