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09-22-2012, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by grethore View Post
Is there something wrong with the Rare Borg salvage and rare borg tech drops or something? I haven't seen ANY of the tech pieces in a week, and only about 3 of the salvages during that time. Even the common tech pieces have been mysteriously absent lately. In fact, across 4 characters able to do STF's, ever since season 6 started, I haven't seen diddlysquat of anything other than EDC's.

I used to average one or the other every 5 STF's or though....NOTHING at all.

WTF is up? Where they removed? Or did Cryptic nerf the drop rate to make us grind some more?

Signed.....Not a Happy Camper
Same here. Used to be that I got a purple tech, ever so often. Now I don't. For weeks on end. Luck don't work that way.

A very experienced member of my old fleet came up with an interesting and plausible notion; namely that they changed the purple tech to only drop for those who did the most DPS. That seems very consistent with what I've seen. He's a Tac officer (I'm an engineer); he can, by virtue of being Tac alone, always push out the most DPS than me (in short bursts of sometimes 3x as much). Hence, he almost always gets purple tech, and I very very rarely any more.

Even though I have most purple tech already (from the time it still dropped normally), indeed I think something's fishy. Naturally topics like these are invariably used by people for pointless grandstanding, and telling everyone how they are soo good that they are not affected by it. Nevertheless the OP is not the first one to notice, and not the last.