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09-22-2012, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by velktra View Post
Seems like it would be pretty unfair to escorts. I know how to fly my ship and play within my class, but I still blow up because my ship is apparently made out of shiny glass.
Zactly. Flying around in a glass cannon makes you vulnerable, but is often very needed to complete Elite STFs quickly. The OP simply didn't think his proposal thru very well. Harsher penalties for death will not encourage bettter fitting, but will only cause people to fly around in fail-fits, that tank like a mofo, so as not to die, but can't get the job done properly (and in time).

Also, and this is key, STO should never ever make the mistake of trying to turn their game into EVE Online; if you want harshness and absurd consequences (like losing your expensive ship, for ever), then simply go play the latter, and leave STO alone, please.