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Originally Posted by novemberalpha View Post
hey I was wondering on your escort how can you get your cannons to stay in continuous rapid fire if it is even possible if so what types are you using. I saw a bird of prey and his rapid fire was never ending. I currently have duel heavy canons
Take two copies of Cannon Rapid Fire, and run them back-to-back.
Or use DOFFs, or Aux2Bat to reduce the cooldown on a single copy of CRF.

Regarding aggro, it's possible for a Cruiser to hold the attention of foe(s) being fired on by other ships without any investment into Threat Control. But only if the threat level of those other ships is lower than that of the Cruiser.

"Threat level" is calculated by taking the damage you personally inflict and raising it by whatever investment you have into "Threat Control". A competent Escort will virtually always outdamage a competent Cruiser, so Tanking Cruisers need to invest into Threat Control in order to make up the difference in Threat Level between them and teammates with higher-damage-output.

Being able to hold aggro over high-damage teammates is one half of what makes someone a tank - being survivable enough to cope with having the enemy's full attention focussed on them is the other half...

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