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09-22-2012, 05:22 AM
Account "Guard" is useless and intrusive spyware. The only reason it would be able to distinguish one computer from another is if it is using a tried and true spyware tactic of snooping around your system for its various components and parts. That it is then phoning that information home marks it as spyware, pure and simple. I'm sure that they they mean well on the surface, but remember this: Those who give up their freedom and privacy for safety and security will have and deserve neither.

Similarly, the constant abuse of email is a joke and completely destroys any security that was on the acount: This information is sent plain-text over the entire Internet. Very few people run their own emails, so this means that this information is being sent in the clear over the Internet to a THIRD PARTY. Many use Gmail. Here's a question: Are you Google? Is Cryptic Google? No? Then you've just added another point of failure to your security, a third party who has full control over the process because Cryptic will accept anything from that account on faith. When that third party's security fails, so does your security here. What's more, Google accounts, too, use a similar "password recovery" mechanism. That means *THAT* account can be compromised externally, which in turn results in a compromise here.

Keep in mind, these are places that will surrender your account to anyone who calls them and happens to know some what are probably easily known to the public facts.

Anytime you outsource your security to a third party in such a manner, your security is absolutely worthless. You should never chain a thing's security to another thing's. An account should be a fortress, to stand or fall alone, not part of a chain where a failure anywhere is a failure everywhere.