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09-22-2012, 06:57 AM
Hey and hope you set up your Atrox to be feared! My favorite ship, but I am tac so take this with a grain of salt.

3-peice Borg with MACO shield is the best.

DHC and Turrets are the best for weapons, but being an eng this may not work as well. If you have the EC give it a try.

Tac: TT 1, CRF 1 if you have cannons. If not then get one of the Attack Patterns.

Eng: EPtW 1, RSP 1, AUXtSIF 2. You can switch RSP for something else, but it is great agarist alpha strikes.

Sci: HE 1, TSS 2, TR 2. TR is up to you, I am thinking of changing it for PO and trying that.

Sci: HE 1, TSS 2, Anything here, ( I have PH 2 and TSS 3 right now.) GW 3.

Consoles: Eng is Armor. Just get the Neutronium armor.

Sci is Field Gentorators, at least 2. Then the Borg console.

Tac is Energy Damage consoles.

Hangers: I just use Prigtures. I Am a DPS Carrier if you have not guessed yet.

If you have any other questions then fire away!

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