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09-22-2012, 06:35 AM
Like many mention, we only have now arena and c&h. (and the kerrat battlefields)....

The arena matches are always 5vs5 (or less when ppl decline). Why not have dynamic size arena's. from 3vs3 to 10vs10. Guess this is mentioned many times before but I do it again...

But what about following 2 idea's:

1: There is one levelling mission where the cardassians fight the Jemmies and you have to mingle between them. So what about once in a while a few 3rd party ships (IU) will enter the arena and both pvp groups have to handle these changing circumstances. I can imagine that the 3rd party is neutral (shooting at both) or even takes a side (loosing team)... Lol, or Q enters and "snaps his finger"

2: And now I am thinking about a 3rd party, why not make arena and c&h available for 3 groups to enter. When the Romulans will be a playable fraction, we can have fed/klink/roms to battle eachother in one arena.

The dynamics of such a match would be very different. Also will the winning group be the group with the most kills or the groups with the less deaths..... And you can even think about teams with different goals (like in the board game risk, where some need to conquer specific continents and others need to kill one specific army) a c&h/arena hybride