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09-22-2012, 08:20 AM
For Cryptic to do a playable romulan character as a member of the federation would be ....just plain NASTY. I just cant see a federation crew manning the bridge of a romulan warbird.To use the current state of affairs between the feds and the klingons to explain the romulans suddenly being willing to "suffer" fed membership (since theres no way any self respecting romulan would serve in the same place as a klingon any other way) would be the biggest cop out in galactic history.

I DO agree that cryptic needs to be MORE specific on the difference between "playable romulan" and "playable romulan FACTION" they will have NO EXCUSE to say we voted for character when we are really asking for faction.

We want romulan FACTION cryptic....this means warbirds,uniforms,seperate homeworld,seperate storyline...just like the stinky little klingons have.

...and DONT EVEN THINK about trying to use "romulan lockboxes" to pacify us either,cryptic...