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09-22-2012, 07:27 AM
Your deflector and shields are not good, as was stated above. MACO deflector and shields are best.
Neutronium alloy is crap. Abltative and Tetraburnium are best vs energy damage and one Monotanium vs kinetic.
Your weapons are not bad, but if you can buy, get them with Acc3 modifier.
You don't need subspace jump on carrier. Put something more useful.
BO eng. skills are not good. Shields are more important than hull. Use skills that powering them up.
BO sci. are not well for PvP, as carrier is support vessel and damage absorber.

Regarding your survivalability: don't forget captain skills like change shield frequency, etc. You have to buff yourself all time in PvP.

Yes, Point defense system will wipe fighters.