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Originally Posted by uilliamnebel View Post
Yeah see, that rings of suckage in mission and enemy design to me. The fact you need to be outfitted in a specific way, with specific abilities, doing specific attacks isn't very immersive. MMOs aren't about player skill, and when gameplay descends into that low a mechanics detail, with just basically managing specific builds and ship load outs for XYZ mission, and having hotbar setups with XYZ macros is boring not challenging. Being all about outfitting in specific ways, with certain gear, is what made Eve Online the greatest interactive screen saver with spreadsheet functionality known to man instead of a fun MMO.

Not being able to roflstomp level 50 enemies with the same setup you had at level 1 doesn't make the game immersive enough for you?

NO. If you can't change your loadout to fit the mission, you deserve to fail. The game is easy enough as it is. I don't want it dumbed down so you can play the game like a clown.

I enjoy complex, in-depth games that require you to make skill tree choices, ship/player loadout choices, and skill-bar choices. If it is just too darned difficult for you to take a couple new BO abilities to kill that especially tough boss, you shouldn't be playing MMO's. Get an XBAWX and go play COD.
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