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09-22-2012, 09:56 AM
Well trolling people in Drozana I guess.

Personally I find both Dental and E'Rpers detract from the game when trolling or public sexting.

Both of you bore me, one for trolling the other for using the Star Trek Universe as some kind of galactic knocking shop.

The sad truth is your goals and aims wouldn't exist without an enemy. :p

The other sad truth is that it's the means that you get enjoyment from more than the intended aim. Using fire extinguishers and other associated items to grief said Erps is far less efficient but a lot more fun than say filing a report about a member conducting in such TOS breaking public bawdyness.

Better chat moderation in trouble zones would be the way to get rid of public Erpers and indirectly solve your mission aim, whereby allowing this griefer fleet to become something other than a griefer fleet.