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09-22-2012, 08:59 AM
Test Results
  • TBR 1 and 2 with low AUX. (Courtesy of redricky)
    Result: Adds approximately 21k in total damage. I honestly found it often hard to gauge how effective it was due to kinetic resists etc
  • LTC(U) SCI Tac-Odyssey TB1, ST2 TBR2 (Courtesy of ghostyandfrosty)
    Result: IF you were to do this, I'd strongly recommend running 2x copies of EptS. RSP, for a cruiser, is just too good to give up.
  • Re-evaluate SDR gaps with 1x copy of EptS and EptX (courtesy of p2wsucks)
    Result: While it is very possible to run EptS 3 and another EptX ability with an Aux2bat build. It's just so much more tanky to run two copies of emergency to shields. I find that if a person was to replicate this build exactly as I have and rotated their keybinds for their defenses accordingly you'll do very good damage, but as a Tac in an Odyssey you just NEED the extra shield heal and resist.

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