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What can I say I had this vision of Branflakes and Tumerboy wandering around with Lex Luthor...

Believe it or not, I've been testing this design for the last few weeks in PvP with the rest of S.O.B. (possibly to the point of harassing Kedric, and the rest) and I'd have to say that while this girl is fat, it produces the results.

I actually think that the assault cruiser refit is the WORST tac cruiser of the bunch. At least the G-X can cloak hide in shame. The Regent is just there... mocking you with what might have been. Granted I played with it a bit and tinkered with the one universal slot. Perhaps I'll take another peak at it.

As for CRF1 vs 2 on this build, I think you'd be surprisingly impressed by how well it actually does. Popping an Aux Battery right before FBP1 activates is quite a show stopper, if timed so that Aux2Bat triggers a couple seconds later, well that's just more power to spread around.

Very true that the Galor will likely produce higher end numbers, I may begrudgingly have to give it to the Excelsior as well. Yet most of the Kirks I see want to fly Assault cruisers, Galaxy X's and Odesseys.
I dunno. that Refit does have a LtCmdr tac. It's an excelsior with 2 toys thrown in the deal. I posted my TacXcelsior Aux to batt burner build already. I'll be working on my second coming post for it soon.. (which requires the broadside torp, and the met gas console.. yeah it's expensive as all get out but if you already have had the excelsior for a while...) I just wish the Refit had had a lt tac slot.