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Originally Posted by heckyll View Post
Now here is something some people may not agree with me on, but if it were implemented into the game it would make people learn their character classes, and learn the games mechanics.

What I am proposing is, and has been tried and true on many other games. Some in the same forms, and some even more difficult.

But basically what I am suggesting is that upon death, especially in the higher end areas of the game, ship damage is not a solution, because clearly it is not working. And also an increasing timer for death on missions really is not working either.
So what I am suggesting, is upon character death, whether it is a ground or a space mission, is that there is an exponential experience death penalty. Some people may think this is harsh, but when it really comes down to it, it is not. It is far kinder to everyone else who is suffering at the hands of someone who either does not want to learn their character class, or is a troll and just wants to mess up the mission for everyone, since they seem to have nothing better to do. I am not saying people should be punished for making mistakes, what I am saying is that, if the same mistakes keep being made repeatedly, then perhaps your strategy or play-style needs to be re-evaluated.
For the first couple of deaths only losing a small percentage of experience would be no big deal. But from what I have observed repeated by alot of groups, is that they know on quite a few missions, that hell they really do not need skill so they just blindly rush into a fight to die and keep coming back to slowly whittle away at the nps's. This is NOT a strategy, this is called zerging. And quite honestly it involves no skill at all and, it offers absolutely no incentive for people to learn how to play their characters at all, and become overall a useful member to a team of players.
I do know that if something like this were implemented it would really upset people for awhile, but I know with certainty, that after awhile people would begin to be more careful with their characters and ultimately with EVERYONE's valuable time and play experience.

So, go ahead and start the flame wars about this subject.
I agree sounds good but I would only implement a punishment for "Elite" so its players choice and also introducing an Elite pvp map for the hardcore pvp's.

So if people didn't want a Death penalty they can just play it on normal also with a warning screen comes up if you change story missions to Elite difficulty or que for an elite stf or as above an Elite pvp match.

As for a Death penalty, you can't loose your ship entirely otherwise it would make the C-Store look like a bit of a scam but you could have your ship badly damaged so it needs to go back to space dock for 24hrs for repairs forcing players to use other ships they may have and also keeping the in mission repairs "Critical components etc".

I don't think we would see so many noobs in Elite STF's if they new if they did badly they would loose their ship for a day but at the same time if there was a death penalty for elites the rewards should be a lot greater.