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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I'd remove GDF and FoMM from your alpha keybinds. Imo, you should use these selectively. A low hull GDF is much better than using it w/nearly all hull. FoMM is cleared by TT, so pay attention to target's TT cycles and use when there's an opening.

That is a very good point. I use it all at once because I'm simply trying to debuff the resist of the target as fast as I can while buffing the damage values. Now I may hold off on springing the alpha until my hull is at 50% then trigger it all at once.

I could be wrong, but doesn't Aux2Sif but heads w/Aux2Batt? You may want ET instead, it helps clear VM as well. You have 2 EPTS1, you only need 1 EPTS. If you use ET1 instead of a ETPS1, lose the other EPTS1 for EPTW1 (for times you aren't under fire to boost your damage or recover downed weapon system), you open up your lt com Eng for EPTS3.

Aux2Sif doesn't butt heads as much as become low powered. If Aux2Bat goes off I punch a battery (or RMC) and then use it. It actually conflicts less than using 2 TT and ET. Of course once could use 1 TT only and say Overload 1 or HY 1. Now the case on using 2x EptS 1. A cruiser just doesn't have the boom and zoom to get out of it's own way. A standard aux2bat build with 2 different powers leaves a coverage gap of around 5 seconds (IIRC), by using 2 copies you have a 1 second gap. This ensures that you always have the SDR from EptS operational.

Personally I prefer HE2 to TSS2, but to each their own. You could also use a Sci Team in place of TSS. If you want you can try TB1 HE2 for times you don't need the xtra defense, but could use the movement/defense debuff on agile targets.

Totally right on the Tractor Beam/ HE2 combo. I was going to go into some depth later about getting more from that LTC(U) slot.

Edit: I'd also have an option to swap cvs1 for crf1. The damage drop off isn't that large and you spread your damage and tet glider procs around.

I always struggle with this one, CSV vs. CRF. To me spreading the DPS around like that seems counter productive. A ship is 100% functional in it's ability to kill you whether it has 1% or 100% hull. I always believed that the elimination of 1 target is more valuable. Yet I can SEE how this could work in a team environment.
Replys in green! And I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice from everyone.