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09-22-2012, 10:26 AM
Yep colony x is the sort of thing I'd love to do since always been a fan of the assimilating method like in star trek armada where I assimilated all the ships in free for alll with 1 ship each. I don't mind them not running as long as I can adapt to

If they got the Borg faction then they could create a complete new set of places where we could explore, in open space this could lead to conflicts where we can assimilate ships. Maybe make them weaker, minimize how many ships we can assimilate, give them a certain amount of health, this could lead the players an option to to assimilate other ships or replace a new assimilated ship with one you don't want anymore.

I was thinking about this idea because then the idea could be similar to the federation, klinks where you could have 4 ships each but only use the ships you have stored already. Maybe use a similar technique similar to legacy where you can only use certain types of ships. An example you could use the best ship in the game but only use commander support ships. This would mean battles like Borg invasions could be more realistic since there's no possible way a tactical cube should be defeated by 4 players with only 4 ships.