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Replys in green! And I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice from everyone.
.7 * 45 = 31.5 seconds vs 30 seconds when using 2 copies. EPTS3 >>> EPTS1 for not just the power, but the resists as well.

Tbo, i'm not sure what the cone is on CVS w/DHCs (what I normally run) vs w/Single Cannons if there's any difference at all. But, you would be spreading your 1 minute DEM3 and always on Tet Glider procs around keep in mind range doesn't matter w/these procs (or at least the Tet Glider proc not sure on DEM). I haven't seen the numbers on CVS1 vs CRF1 to know the difference in terms of A. Raw Damage and B. Number of Weapon Fires and how that impacts your weapon's power which in turn may lower your proc damage.

I tend to think of DPS cruisers as more AoE high pressure damage allowing Escorts to have more than 1 potential weakened target as well as making heal boats have to choose who to use repairs on. It's why I think they fit KDF team playstyle environment better generally speaking. But, for PuG single target may be better.