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Originally Posted by jkname View Post
Account "Guard" is useless and intrusive spyware. The only reason it would be able to distinguish one computer from another is if it is using a tried and true spyware tactic of snooping around your system for its various components and parts. That it is then phoning that information home marks it as spyware, pure and simple. I'm sure that they they mean well on the surface, but remember this: Those who give up their freedom and privacy for safety and security will have and deserve neither.

It can't tell what computer your on....It tells which IP address you are using. This is designed to stop people getting someones password and then using it.

I know this cause I changed IP address and sure enough I had to re-register. And if the game didn't include an email, it would make things way more technical and confusing and then cryptic would have to spend time and money on a new system rather than on content