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Thr tng yesterdays enterprise uniform, gun belt, and bridge I have been a proponent for and have asked for since launch. I would also like to see a tng admirals uniform from seasons 3-7.
These are excellent ideas!
Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
i would ask that cryptic would not include the generations version that did not make it in the film, the one that looks like a cross between a navy & love boat uniform, with rank rings on the sleves, the 1960s are long gone and never made it into tng.
Um, why not?
There are so many ugly uniforms in this game, i think it is time for a uniform some people like.
For example, i don't like/use the Jupiter uniforms myself but i would never say that other people shouldn't use them if they like it.
My point, STO is big enough for a lot of different uniforms, the generations uniform would be a good addition.

Personally, i especially like the Rank sleeves on that uniform, i wish we could get an option to use them on other uniforms too.

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