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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Whaaaa??? LOL I've been into ST since Voyager premiered (I was 8), but never caught every episode of every series until now. I've seen many episodes here and there as they replayed on TV (before the days of Netflix and iTunes), though.

This Journey has impacted my view immensely. I know so much more now than I did 2 years ago, and have even more love for the franchise after experiencing it back to back (almost) everyday. I'm really going to miss this daily project, but I guess that just means I should start from the beginning and do it all over again


Brandon =/\=
Did you include the TOS animated series in your runthrough? If not, you hav 24 more 30 minute (well 22 minute run time) episodes to go through. You could also tack on the TOS and TNG feature films.
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