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09-22-2012, 03:31 PM
to be the jerk here, i would be pissed if they just handed out Lifetime "Status" to players like this

Cryptic/Perfect World, did not force you to spend "way more then" 300 dollars since January

this a is a Free-2-Play game now, you can play and be entertained with out ever Spending a Dime.

Now, on my Side I am a Beta-Life Time Sub, With Both the Steam Digital Deluxe and Best Buy Corrector's along with spending 30 bucks on month on "Vanity" items and such in this game

Now would i like if the Devs did more for the Long term people who dropped money in to this game before it was out, sure... But i am not going around acting like i am Deserve free stuff just because i cant be trusted with my Credit Card at 3AM

if you enjoy the game Keep playing, but you are not Special and don't expect to be treated as such