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This is a general recruitment communique from Starfleet Command,

As you all know in the ongoing conflict with the Klingons as well as other engagements with the Borg and various hostile species the Federation has tasked Starfleet with enlarging its operational capacity. As such Starfleet Command has begun a process of Task Force and Fleet expansion across all sectors.

We are looking for professional and able recruits from the officer roster to fill posts in the newly commissioned Task Force Calliope. This task forces' primary aim will be to add to our operational assets in general fleet duties. This versatile commission will headed by Vice Admiral Thomas J Pellowe who commands the U.S.S. Calliope.

Work has already begun on construction of Starbase A-8 in the Zeta Fornacis region of space. However construction is in it's early stages and due to heightened competition for resources all Fleets and Task Forces are required to compete for fleet provisions, this being the case the more recruits a Fleet or Task Force has, the higher it moves in the list of provisions priority. This is case for all general duty commissions.

This is a time of great expansion in Starfleets' operational capacity and offers career development opportunities that have not been seen since the expansion in the late 2340's. Joining a Task Force or Fleet is an excellent way to further your Starfleet career.

The specific duties of new recruits in Task Force Calliope are at this time primarily geared to assisting in the operational completion of the Task Force Starbase and Starship readiness. Duties are as follows:

  • To help procure assets for Starbase construction
  • To help recruitment drives

Once the Starbase is in minimal operation, duties will be expanded to include Task Force assignments both on ground and in space exploration. These will be coordinated by the Task Force commander and his senior staff.

Eventually as more systems come online the Starbase will be patched into the fleet wide computer network, Starfleet database and personnel files.

If you wish to vetted for recruitment please contact the Task Force Commander, his encrypted Starfleet network communications files can be reached using the handle Lowe@thisisoverlord, Please be aware this Task Force uses Earth Standard Time, formally known as GMT.

Alternatively you can attach any queries to this communique.

Admiral Taavis.
Starfleet strategic planning council
Starfleet Command


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