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Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
First problem. The bop sucks as anything but a sci ship against Skilled Players in most cases. Just because people like Thissler have ***** a square peg into a round hole and made the hole bleed cause they didn't use lube, doesn't mean it's still a good idea
I prescribe to the Thissler approach, and you're right. . .it's an iffy strategy. There's always the chance that your strike will fail, especially against skilled opponents, and if it fails you've gotta scramble out of there. It's not meant for slugging it out like a Fed escort, because quite frankly it can't. The Hegh'ta and B'Rel lack the firepower to really match Fed escorts in that role, which is why those who want that use raptors if they can, or the Vor'cha.