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# 1 Unacceptable Bugs
09-22-2012, 05:49 PM
Hi, apologies first because this kind of ovelaps with some other threads regarding the first main storyline sequence of missions.

Im only a week or so into STO and whilst its clunky in places, its got some nice features and I have been enjoying it on the whole.

However i am becoming increasingly frustrated with the bugs in the first main storyline. For new players, this is their introduction (after tutorials etc) to the STO world. And yet I am experiencing bugs that have been reported many many times previously. Why are these things not fixed?

To be specific (most recent first),

Night of the Comet - literally more than 10 attempts at destroying the comet and shards. Closest I got was 3 fragments, 6 shards destroyed. Last 3 fragments didnt spawn. Other attempts saw the comet just disappear, or the fragments spawn but not break etc etc. New bug? Without even trying I found mentions of this from 4 months ago.

Night of the Comet - bar fight. Again, a bug that seems to have been flagged for many months, with the bar patrons becoming invulnerable and the player being stuck on x/6 and unable to continue. To be fair this one was sorted by leaving mission and retrying but even so....

What lies beneath - (really nice mission idea and some excellent set pieces) My away team kept getting stuck in walls and scenery and on a couple of occasions on inaccesable overhead gangways. Manually setting waypoints etc for them didnt help and I only got my team back by moving to a new area. Does this happen on any map with vaguely complicated scenery?

I could go on but really dont want to as I feel bad enough as it is that my first forum post is a whine. However, I DO like so much of what Ive seen so far. It just worries me that a game that is two and a half years old can have problems like these in its "flagship" storyline sequence (pardon the expression) and certainly makes me fear for what I will encounter in the future.

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