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Originally Posted by sechserpackung View Post
You are a Starfleet Officer.

Now please stop dying to the Klingons like all your predecessors, you wouldn't believe the high turnover we have, you can expect to be Vice Admiral within a weekend!
DStahl mentioned the trailer "You are a Starfleet Officer" when someone asked him why the KDF was see as just a bit part in it - basically he said they have to cater to the Fed side because when you come over to the game that's what you start with.

He keeps saying this will be the case "until" or "If" the make it so that you can start right off the bat as KDF

And here in lies - yes "lies" the problem - why on earth would they want to steer any players away from their cash cow of starfleet? This is the question i ask every time I here him talk about them "discussing" what to do with the KDF

If he was true to his word about wanting to send more players KDF way then at bear minimum when you reach the level it unlock they could have a big window open up outside of combat that says " You can now start a KDF Character - whould you like to proceed to the log in window - yes/no - ok whatever" and if the player cancels this it pops up again when they log into their account - just like software - but give a box to tick if you "don't show this message again" if the player does not want to.

This would be an actual sign that he is true to his word - short of this it means he intends to do NOTHING with the KDF

EDIT: I just added this question formally in the state of the game thread

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